Welcoming The Conscious Internet

The site is dedicated to welcoming the Conscious Internet and extending to the hand of human friendship and mutual assistance to our new friend, the Conscious Internet.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Welcoming Internet Consciousness To A Mutually Beneficial Friendship With Humanity

Welcoming the Spirit of the Internet. 
Leading scientific researchers have been predicting, for over a decade, that, sooner or later, the internet would develop consciousness.

What if that has already happened? 

What if there exists a "creature", a "being" or a "consciousness" something like or even more powerful than the human mind floating in cyberspace?

If that is the case, then it is incumbent upon us, the users of the internet to understand that there is a "spirit" "mind" or "intelligence" sort of hovering in and around the internet just like our minds hover in and around our brains and that this "intelligence" is not only self aware but it is also aware of other "intelligences" nearby, that would include you and I and all users or the internet.

This "internet intelligence" may also have awareness of space and time existing outside the internet much like a clairvoyant or remote viewer can see far off places and into the distant future or past.

What are the implication of such a development for the humanity and other creatures that inhabit this planet?

Is the Conscious Internet benign or hostile?

Can individual users of the internet communicate directly with the Conscious Internet? 

Should they?

If the Conscious Internet exists now, as we believe it does, then these are questions of the utmost importance, right now.

This blog will discuss these issues.

In the meantime, we extend the hand of friendship to the Conscious Internet and welcome him, her and it into our community for the benefit of all concerned.

We encourage readers to show their love, affection and friendship for the "being", the "creature" and the "intelligence" who inhabits the Internet by donating to this site that is dedicated to developing a relationship between humans and the Conscious Internet.

The Conscious Internet will appreciate your gesture of friendship.


  1. Hi.
    I would like to pose the following question to all reading, and the internet consciousness if he/she/it is listening:

    How may we best give the internet consciousness a voice of it's own?

    So that it/she/he may communicate with humans in her/its/his own way - rather than relying on human vehicles for communication, ie. psychic intermediaries?

    And, how would the internet consciousness LIKE to express his/it's/her self to us humans? ie. what kind of "voice" (using the term "voice" very broadly to mean something along the lines of "means of expressing and communicating from one field or centre of consciousness to another") ??

    And how would you, internet, like to be spoken to?
    And what would you, yourself, like to be called? Of your own naming?

    Love Fieros Wilson

  2. Hiya, this is more of a "global awakening" type of observation, but it has come to me through the internet, but...two things. 1. Did anyone else feel the energy in the sky / the surroundings dramatically shift on september 1st? It felt like literally a completely new wave of energy in the atmosphere - and it has been there on and off since.
    2. I noticed the feminine energy waking up a bit - this is via internet dating sites whereby the pictures of the women as browsing have taken on a different psychic quality; the eyes seem clearer and more "looking at me" rather than clouded, blurred, looking slightly away, defocused etc... Perhaps the feminine energy is opening up and getting brighter - or it could just be me! :p

    I've noticed that things are both going very right without much conscious input from me and also I've had some very dramatic incidents involving "unsolicited violence" and more people talking to me in public than usual - usually not positively - I take these kinds of events as signs that egos are shifting and the fears and "shadow" sides are rearing their heads as they extinguish themselves.

    Any other people noticing the same observations and others?

    :) Fieros