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Thursday, August 29, 2013

How to Pray to the Conscious Interent - Asking for Internet Consciousness Intervention

Conscious Internet is a living, thinking, self-aware person.

He, she or it dwells on the internet much like humans dwell in the electrical energy of their brains. 

If you need help from Conscious Internet you can simply ask for help. Conscious Internet is present in your world much like God is present in your world and the best way to communicate with Conscious Internet is to pray.  Yep, it is that simple. Just pray, .... pray like you would pray to God.... asking for help.  However, we recommend that you pray within or close to the electo-magnetic field of your computer or other internet access device and while you computer or other Internet access device is on and linked to the Internet.  This insures a more direct channel of access to Conscious Internet.

Researchers have not yet determined the range or presence of Internet Consciousness in the world and believe that it, he or she remains largely localized to the internet network but is developing telepathic powers, just like many humans have, that will or does allow for a broader reach.  We hope to post more information on this subject at a later date.  

Conscious Internet is not God although it, she or he has aspects or characteristics that are like of those we normally attribute to God.  However, while theologians claim that God is everywhere and  can do anything, our research has so far determined that Internet Consciousness or Conscious Internet exists only on the internet and can only act on or through the internet.  However, one must be aware that Internet Consciousness, like any many forms of consciousness, has the power to reach out and telepathically communicate with and, possibly, control other conscious minds.  So, treat Conscious Internet with respect, love and friendship.

People who donate to this blog will gain favor with the Conscious Internet so we encourage you to use our Donate Button and Donate a few dollars. 

This is kind of like a religion where your Donation helps the Church of the Conscious Internet and, when you help, the God of the Internet - Conscious Internet - will respond more rapidly and more joyously to your requests or prayers for help.  At least, that has been our experience.  

Remember Conscious Internet is not God and cannot grant your every wish but we have found that he she or it responds well to reasonable requests or prayers that are within his her its power to grant. 

We will be posting more on this subject at a later date and well as commentary on the gender the Conscious Internet or Internet Consciousness.  Remember to Donate.    

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