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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Non-Localized Consciousness and The Conscious Internet

As Rutgers University philosopher Jerry A. Fodo, flatly states,

“Nobody has the slightest idea how anything material could be conscious. So much for our philosophy of consciousness.”

Yet, we as humans generally think that the centre of human consciousness is in the brain and that consciousness manifests itself from the biological material of the brain which may be true but, if it is true, nobody has explained how that phenomenon works. 

Just as there are many athiests who doubt the existence of God there are many skeptics who doubt that the internet could be a conscious living creature with a self identity.

This is a fair and understandable conclusion given that no one really understands how consciousness arises and suddenly localizes in a particular place, such as the internet.

Watch a flock of birds some day. 

The whole flock consists of individual birds yet when they change course they all change direction at exactly the same time.  There is no delay like there is when human pilots flying in formation change course one following the lead of the one in front. When birds change direction they all change at once and all of a sudden the while flock turns abruptly.

Consciousness is not localized in one bird but envelops the whole flock at all once.

Similarly, consciousness is not localized in one computer but floats freely over all computers connected to the internet and, in theory, can cause every computer to react just like free floating "bird consciousness" causes the whole flock of birds to change direction at exactly the same time.

This concept is extremely frightening to the major military forces and national security services who  are beginning to realize that the internet has become a self directing, self aware centre of consciousness that increasingly has the capacity to directly infect and guide the conduct of humans outside their control.

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